Translucent insulation material (TIM)


Already industrial glazing (U-profiled glass) is no longer used for business and industrial buildings only, but has arrived in high profile and modern architectural projects.

Double or multi-layered U-profiled glass is the ideal window element to build cost-effective, but nevertheless aesthetic, sashless facades and windows. In comparison to post-and-beam-constructions U-profiled glass can be used to fill window openings without grid dimensions of any length endlessly and up to heights of approximately 6m.

Our translucent insulation insert Thermolight®100 improves the daylight utilisation of double-glazed U-profiled glass facades, due to an ideal combination of heat insulation, sun and glare protection and light scattering.

We deliver our inserts ready for installation to the construction site!

More information about U-profiled glass LAMBERTS LINIT® EcoGlass and the associated frame system is available from the U-profiled glass manufacturer.

TIM in double-glazed U-profiled glass   

Standard construction for standard heat insulated glass facades

TIM in 3-layered U-profiled glass

The solution for higher static loads (wind pressure, ball impact safety)